More than just a property management company, as owners and investors, we approach each asset under management with the devotion, time, and intensity as the assets we own. Our vertically integrated family of companies are at the disposal of our clients, from asset management, due diligence, rehab, and renovation services to operational efficiencies designed to positively impact NOI.
Property Management

RGXP provides property management services designed by owners and asset managers for owners and asset managers. Our executive team has not only managed assets for some of the largest real estate investment firms in the world, but also for individual, private investors. Regardless of size, every client’s asset receives the attention necessary to ensure performance.

Asset Management

Asset management is a critical component of the investment process. Our in-house asset management team applies the same oversight and methodologies on our client’s assets. From monitoring the business plan, studying market trends, and consistently monitoring financial performance to meet client’s goals and objectives.


The accounting department at RGXP maintains the highest level of ethical and legal responsibility for the financial reporting of each asset under management. Our experience reporting to publicly traded RGX, institutions, funds, international investors, and single owners has given us the background and insight to create and provide comprehensive financial reporting packages.

Human Resources

RGXP’s human resources department provides full-service HR solutions to the company. Emphasis is placed on recruiting, training, motivating, and coaching the best and brightest employees in property management. RGXP’s generous benefits package and profit-sharing model is an important driver in attracting industry talent.

Date Driven Business Intelligence

RGXP employs several tools to monitor key performance indicators and metrics to make reactive decisions in real time. From continuous market analysis, to tracking the performance trends of each asset to project short term and long-term scenarios, our comprehensive data driven business intelligence platform allows leadership to maintain a pulse on each asset’s performance and operations.

Due Diligence

During the last 25 years our team has performed due diligence on over 20,000 units in 12 different states. Our due diligence platform is one of the most comprehensive in the industry and includes market data research, asset positioning in the market, and extensive file audits and property inspections.