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RGX Tech Ventures


Why Tech Investments?

Your investment portfolio should include diverse technology and health that has been highly vetted.
Partner with RGX Tech Ventures, led by a team of highly successful tech entrepreneurs, to build a balanced portfolio.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

You can feel confident in the decisions made by RGX Tech Ventures. Our key leaders have over 30 years of tech experience. We co-invest with you to share the risk and reward. Your goals are our goals.

Want to Improve Your Whole Life?

Through our Invest and Impact Life program you can learn the skills necessary to lead an amazing and impactful life, in all areas; Health, Wealth, etc…


RGX Tech Ventures is the investment subsidiary of RGX Invest, headquartered in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2015, RGX Tech Ventures has built a diverse team of tech entrepreneurs and angel investors with over 60 years combined experience in technology. Our key team members have founded technology companies that provided services for Google, Oracle, and other major players. In 2008, Ravi Katta’s tech company was acquired by a major international firm. Since 2008, Ravi has continued to be a successful tech and real estate entrepreneur.
RGX Invest strategic vision is to help others generate passive income and create generational wealth through well-vetted investment strategies.


RGX’s mission is to achieve and maXimize investment returns to create generational wealth for our investors.
Achieving & maximizing returns and generational wealth for our INVESTORS To be a leader in helping others build a diverse investment portfolio that includes tech, health, and real estate, for a balanced hedge against inflation
Creating a thriving, entrepreneurial and supportive work environment for our TEAM MEMBERS

Faster than Flash

Swift decision making is the testimony of a great partner. Have a term sheet from us in 7 days and capital within a month

On the Same Page, Always!

You are the captain and we are the first mate. Invariably approachable and just a call away!

Fundraising Not a full time activity anymore

It’s not just you, it’s us! We will enable your safety net of capital in follow-on rounds through our extensive global network
Our prime objective is to provide a comprehensive PLATFORM for entrepreneurs, technology, and medical professionals to achieve their max potential
Financial Freedom Is The Path To Impactful Life!

We’ve talked enough about us. Here’s what our partner founders have to say

Our Key Investments